Let’s make Unity ring of power by national anthem


This isn’t just another video – it’s a call to power for overcome corona shock.

Consider the impact of this time in our lives and be a part of strong virtual choir, united in singing our anthem.During these 2 minutes of song – in isolation, in health… or in tragedy – we reflect together on the lyrics of our anthem, as a source of inspiration and optimism.

የዜግነት ክብር በ ኢትዮጵያችን ፀንቶ
ታየ ህዝባዊነት ዳር እስከዳር በርቶ
ለሰላም ለፍትህ ለህዝቦች ነፃነት
በእኩልነት በፍቅር ቆመናል ባንድነት
መሰረተ ፅኑ ሰብዕናን ያልሻርን

In this project, the national anthem is sung by Ethiopians living in the world.

Please Join and give us your power!


How to record


1 phone or PC with earphones to play this video(Please don’t record music).
1 phone to record yourself.


Setting “720p/30fps” and Please take movie with your phone on horizontally.







Put your earphones in now prepare your second phone to record a video of yourself singing along.

It is recommended that you put phone somewhere, not handheld, to take movie.


Wait for cue to record and Wait for cue to stop.

Please Don’t stop recording until this message appears.

Shooting Advice

Please Look to the lens of your camera and sing.



Let’s sing!

Please Follow the instructions on the video to record it. It’s necessary for edit.

After recording

Please send your video data and your name (Full name) and name of the country you live in to your referrer.

The finished video will be published on the Internet and will not be used for commercial purposes. Copyright by EJ AGENCY and National Anthem Ring Project.

Thank you for your cooperate!



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