Ethiopian Wine unveiling party in JAPAN

A collection of 6 types of Ethiopian wine

This year, EJ Agency LLC, the only importer of Ethiopian wine in Japan, imported six types of Ethiopian wine. Therefore, this time, we have created an opportunity for everyone to enjoy these before they go on the market, with RING OF NATIONAL ANTHEM ASSOCIATION(co-sponsor), Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Japan (cooperation), and Ethiopian Airlines (sponsorship). It will be a valuable opportunity to taste and compare Ethiopian wines. Please enjoy Ethiopian wine one step ahead.


ATTRACTION1 : Cooking with 6 types of Ethiopian wine and the Ethiopian spice barbare

Not only will you enjoy Ethiopian wines, including some that were imported to Japan for the first time, but we also have other items to please your taste buds.
Some of the dishes we serve include dishes using the Ethiopian spice “Barbare”. Barbare is a spice mixed with multiple spices, but the number of mixed items is the largest and you can enjoy a complex and multi-layered taste.
Also, as for alcohol, Japanese beer and soft drinks are all-you-can-drink, so if you get tired of wine, please try another alcohol. For a fee, you can also enjoy Ethiopian beer.

ATTRACTION2 :Quiz competition with prizes

We have prizes from EJ Agency and Ethiopian Airlines. Some items are not for sale and are not usually available!


“Ethiopia’s climate and soil are suitable for wine cultivation”

The Ethiopian wine project started by Castel, a French wine company founded in 1949, with a focus on the East African country of Ethiopia.
Utilizing the know-how cultivated in Bordeaux, everything from soil selection to grape cultivation and winemaking is done in Ethiopia. Its international reputation is on the rise, and at the international wine competition “Concours International de Lyon” held every year in Lyon, known as the city of French gastronomy, over 6,000 types of wine are exhibited from around the world, and it won a silver medal.


September 9 (Sat) 17:00-19:00 (doors open at 16:30)
* If you enter by 17:00, you will receive a glass of Ethiopian beer “St. George” as a welcome drink.

BAR of TOKYO(1-8-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,TOKYO Marunouchi Trust Tower North1F)



  • ntroduction of Ethiopia & Ethiopian Wine and Beer
  • Standing-style wine tasting and cooking * All-you-can-drink including alcoholic beverages such as beer (Japanese) and soft drinks.
  • Quiz competition with prizes
  • Direct sales (Ethiopian beer, wine, coffee liqueur, uzo *Ethiopian gin, etc.)

EJ Agency LLC

Ethiopian Airlines

Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Japan

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